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Found Space. Safe Space. Brave Space.


A scene from Women of Will's 2018 production of Pericles. (Photo by Alison Taylor. Copyright Women of Will 2018.)



November 1,2 & 4, 2019

Join us for our fall Main Stage production of The Comedy of Errors.

This madcap farce follows the journey of two sets of twins separated at birth. Mistaken identities lead to double the laughs in this
wacky romp.



 Whether you are looking to purchase individual tickets or are interested in a tickets for a larger group, we’ve got you covered. Check out our upcoming shows and mark your calendar. We look forward to seeing you at our events.


Tickets are $5 at the door. Please contact us to reserve seats for large groups (10+).



A scene from Women of Will's 2018 production of Pericles.
(Photo by Alison Taylor. Copyright Women of Will 2018.)


Click here to learn more about the Women of Will team members. 

THE COMEDY OF ERRORS is well under way!!!

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Nichole Gericke

“Women of Will’s Pericles last year was a remarkable experience. As nothing more than a part-time server at that time, I didn’t really have anything to look forward to. The women who created this organization gave me that and reminded me why I love this area and why I love the arts. I was brought together with people I wouldn’t have met otherwise, school teachers, local artists, directors, professional actors, baristas, and so many others, all very active in this community. Many of them have now become my dearest friends because of the support we gave each other and the fun we shared. My passion for theatre has been rekindled, and I grew a lot as an actor and a person. Women of Will gives what it gets; by supporting it, it has supported me. I can’t wait for the next production!”


Isabella Abel-Suarez

“I was introduced to “Women of Will” when I saw their first performance of Julius Caesar in the fall of 2017, and it was a magical experience for me to see as a young woman. It was my final year as an undergraduate theatre student at SUU. Until I saw this production, I didn’t even realize that show was what I was missing. While living in Cedar City and being an artist, I have seen a lot of Shakespeare productions. I have seen other companies do incredible pieces of theatre year after year, season after season. The thing about Shakespeare is that he didn’t write very many roles for women, so unfortunately, as any woman who has worked (or wanted to work) in the classical canon knows, the jobs are a lot less accessible if you’re not a man. In that production of Julius Caesar I saw myself on stage in a way that I haven’t before. What Women of Will provides is the opportunity for Shakespeare’s work to be seen through different eyes and different experiences. The creators of Women of Will saw a community where women’s voices needed opportunities to be heard. They not only saw it, but they experienced it themselves. They took that and made a space where those voices were not only heard, but amplified... I will forever cherish what Women of Will gave to me. This organization has inspired myself along with countless other women and and men.

Their message is a powerful one.”


Julie Griffin

“To summarize how I feel about Women of Will would be impossible, but, here are some words that I feel describe these women. Talented, hard working, inspired, beautiful, accepting, empowering, and loving. Samae, Kaitlin, Alexana, and Britannia somehow created an environment where we all felt safe to express ourselves, and be respected as individuals. They brought together a bunch of women that hardly knew each other and formed friendships that will last a lifetime. I sit back in awe, as their vision for Women of Will unfolds, full of passion, and love. It is breathtaking!  I have learned so much from these amazing, generous women. I am so grateful and I can truly say, I am a better person for having been a part of Women of Will. I look forward, with excitement, for the next opportunity to work with them."

"Joy's soul lies in the doing."

William Shakespeare

A scene from Women of Will's 2017 production of Julius Caesar. (Copyright Women of Will 2017.)


Samae Allred as Marc Anthony, Alyson King as Julius Caesar in Women of Will's 2017 production of Julius Caesar. (Copyright Women of Will 2017.)

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